Patient views on using ExoRehab X and the motion improvements in the activities of daily life

I was having trouble preparing food since I couldn't use my impaired arm before. After using ExoRehab X I can get support from my impaired arm while preparing a snack or chopping vegetables and fruits on the board. 

Ö. B. - Age: 56,  12 Months post-stroke

I've become more aware of my impaired arm after only a 3-week treatment with this device. For example, I would normally extend my non- impaired arm to reach for an object. Now I'm reaching with my  impaired arm first.

A. R. - Age: 40,   60 Months post-stroke

Using ExoRehab X is challenging in a very good way. You do feel like you have gone through an intensive therapy session.

F. A. - Age: 65,    9 Months post-stroke

After the stroke, I would open doors with my non-impaired arm. Or people around me would open the doors for me. After training with ExoRehab X, I am able to use my  impaired arm and try to open them, and most of the time I succeed. 

A. G. - Age: 40,   58 Months post-stroke

I used to only use my non-impaired arm while getting up from my chair, bed or getting out of the car. After using ExoRehab X for only 3 weeks I am able to use my impaired arm as a support.

S. M. S. - Age: 79,   48 Months post-stroke


I had pain in my elbow and wrist because of stiffness. As the treatment with ExoRehab X progressed, my pain relieved after around 12 sessions.

T. F. - Age: 49,  72 Months post-stroke

After training with ExoRehab X my wrist feels less stiff. I can release small objects easily now. 

N. Y. - Age: 65,  96 Months post-stroke

I could only take my hand up to the chest level, but after the treatment, I was able to bring the toothbrush into my mouth.

K. S. - Age: 46,  35 Months post-stroke

After using ExoRehab X, I started to use my impaired arm in my daily activities. For example, I can now wash my face using both my hands.

H. Ö. - Age: 42,   22 Months post-stroke